Old Affiliates Out – New Affiliates In

As I mentioned a little while ago, due to the North Carolina legislature passing a new law reclassifying and taxing state online purchases, Amazon has dropped all of their NC affiliates effective at the end of June.

Since then, Cafe Press and Overstock.com have followed suit and terminated their partnerships with NC affiliates.

In light of this, I have been reworking the ads and partnerships I have on the site, so you might notice some layout changes as I go along with recalibrating everything.

I assume that other large affiliates such as Commission Junction and Linkshare very well may follow suit if this keeps up, which unfortunately it probably will.

Gotta love the fascistic turn this country is taking.

Welcome to the NEW Nosferatu’s Coffin!

Welcome to the NEW Nosferatu’s Coffin!

As long-time visitors can see, I have completely revamped the site. After years of the same layout and the same hand-coded style, I finally got tired of it and decided to port the the site to WordPress.

Not everything from the old site has been moved over yet, but hopefully shall be over the next week or so. This includes the Banner Exchange (current members are still displayed, however new members cannot join until the script is reinstalled and moved over) and the Nos image gallery.

Watch Nosferatu!

After a long time, I finally have setup the movie page which will now allow you to watch “Nosferatu” right here on the site. Just click the “Watch Movie” menu item.

Happy viewing!