Upcoming “Nosferatu” Performances

For those of you who cannot get enough of Nosferatu, here are some upcoming performances:

Summer Festival 2009: Nosferatu the Vampyre

Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul
12th June 2009
Start Time: 9:00pm

A fantastic opportunity to see the classic black and white horror movie and one of the pinnacles of the German silent era of film-making.

Directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, the film has the genuine power to be creepy, odd, alluring, mythic and photographically beautiful. Max Shreck, in his most notorious role plays the monstrous Count Orlock, a vampire who comes out at night to tempt the living and, of course, to suck blood. Despite the film not being in circulation for many years, for breaching copyright laws, this did not hinder its much acclaimed success.

A late screening held in the Cathedral, chosen for its appropriate architectural setting will see live accompaniment to this renowned art film. Previously accompaniment for silent film could range from a piano to orchestra, depending on the size of the theatre. To bridge the gap between these two extremes an organist would occasionally accompany the film, as will Darius Batiwalla in our recreation. To appreciate this outstanding art form, additional screens will be erected either side of the film displaying the organist’s hands and feet, giving a closer look at the skill required to accompany such an event.

More details here.

Nosferatu: A Special Hallowe’en Presentation

Orpheum Theatre
Vancouver, Canada
Saturday, Oct 31, 2009 – 8pm

A Hallowe’en spectacular! The great 1922 Silent Film Nosferatu is the original Dracula movie. No charming aristocrat like later Draculas, this vampire is scary and macabre, a living corpse who feeds mercilessly on his victims. Hailed as one of the greatest movie adaptations of the vampire legend, aided by Max Schrek’s frightening performance as Count Orlock, Nosferatu will be presented with the music performed live by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. You’ll never have more fun being scared!

More details here.