Nos Top 100 Issues

As a few of you have noticed, the Nos Top 100 script has been having issues. Especially when you are trying to edit your account in it.

Ever since the site was moved to the new server last Fall, the topsite script has been an issue on both the front and back ends. As it is, there appears to be more code altering needing to be done to fit in with the PHP/mySQL version that this server runs.

Since the script itself is old and needs updating from time to time, sort of like an old appliance, I am considering using the service instead. Of course, in that case, all topsite members would need to reapply to join the topsite.

I shall make a decision shortly on that and shall let all topsite members know if there will be any changes.



Banner Exchange Update

To all Banner Exchange members:

Due to some migration issues, I will be altering some of the code in the Banner Exchange script as well as the portal pathing.

This may cause a temporary disruption in the exchange and therefore, the non-functioning of your banners appearing here and on other sites that share the script code.

I will probably be doing this over the weekend or sometime next week. (I have a couple of client deadlines to finish first).

I will shall keep you appraised of any changes that might be needed on your end.